Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dustin Lail

When he's out on a date, "on the first few dates I like to do interactive things so that I can get to know the girl a little better. Things like dinner and bowling, going out to a club, anything that lets me talk and try to cut up and have a good time. If things get past that point, I like to throw in more romantic dates because I do have a soft spot for romance. I like the movie nights at home, the candlelight dinners, and walks under the stars. I feel like this is where a relationship is bonded together and can turn into something special." As for that special someone, "I look for a date that can laugh and let loose. If a date is uptight and serious all the time, there’s no way that we will have a good time together. I enjoy laughing so my date has to as well. I also am a smart guy so my date has to be fairly intelligent herself. I really don’t like to feel like I have to do all the talking – a girl who is confident is a plus because she is more likely to show you who she really is and not put on a show. I like a date that is real and doesn’t play games. I am usually pretty good at figuring people out, so I pick up on subtle things that others may not, so I can usually tell if my date is lieing about something. My two biggest pet peeves are lieing and being ignored – so I definitely look for that when I first take someone out."