Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Body Manual eBook by Colbi Bruce

Colbi Bruce, one of our top fitness models, has just released his eBook for 2011: THE NEW BODY MANUAL.  During the launch of this manual Colbi will make every copy unique for the client.  All buyers will also get 24/7 email support for any questions they have from the book.  So, you will get FUEL YOUR FIRE: Eat your Way to Weight Loss plus the custom Mini eBook.
Order your copy today through January 31 for only $9.45!  After that you can get your digital copy for only $45.  "Have your carbs and a six pack too."
See more of Colbi in his gallery.
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FUEL YOUR FIRE! Eat Your Way To Weight Loss

"Have your carbs and a six pack too!"

So many fad diets out there are products of great marketing and celebrity endorsements. All of them promise quick results and most people do see weight loss, but what aren't they telling you?

#1. Most diet systems are never meant to be used for long term maintenance of a healthy body weight...meaning the results are temporary.

#2. The guy endorsing that diet has a personal trainer kicking his/her butt in the gym all day. I promise no one ever got ripped (maybe to a toneless skinny) from the Atkins diet (zero carb diet).

This E-Book not only shows you how to eat carbs and stay lean, it also gives you all the knowledge you need to maintain a healthy body composition for the rest of your life!